Day Clubs

  • Step Into the Spotlight at the Daylight Beach Club
    Why only a night out when you can party from daylight till you can’t take it anymore! At Daylight Beach Club you will forget all your troubles with a party set on a typical Las Vegas pool. But this is not just a party, but an experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life! Daylight Beach Club is one of the major venues for the best parties in Las Vegas. If you are looking for fun in a tropical paradise setting, Daylight Beach Club is the most amazing social venue to check out.

    Why Daylight Beach Club?
    Party under the sun or under the stars of Las Vegas skies at Daylight Beach Club. Treat yourself with great open- air entertainment from the hottest bands and performers at a revolutionary venue that is unlike any other. Why sit down to watch your favorite performers when you can sit on a cabana sipping a tropical drink? Why endure standing- room-only events when you can splash around in a resort pool with your friends as you watch your favorite concert? The Daylight Beach Club is the newest way to enjoy great music, top performers and amazing events. And when the show is done, the party will never be over under Las Vegas skies. You can visit the bar, swim or lay around with your friends and of course, meet great people who share the same interest as yours!

    What’s great about Daylight Beach Club?
    With a gigantic 4,400 – square foot pool, a 1,500 square – foot elevated stage, cabanas, bungalows, LED televisions and signature dishes and cocktail drinks, you have the most amazing venue that will electrify your party! Just use the guest list reservation form and make a reservation quick!

    Never miss another cool event in Las Vegas.
    You would never miss the hottest shows in Las Vegas again at Daylight. A lot of great artists have performed here and there are more to come such as artists like Scooter & Lavelle, Spacebyrdz & Bret Rubin and Disclosure. Events


  • What to Expect at Drai’s Beach Club?
    Located in the heart of Las Vegas, Drai’s Beach Club is the crowning glory of The Cromwell Hotel. Drai’s has an unobstructed view of the Strip’s skyline for miles around and It is also the host for unbelievable parties that Las Vegas is known for. When you are at Drai’s for an event, it’s like you’re in some kind of island getaway. The fun keeps happening, the drinks keep pouring and the music keeps on beating. There is absolutely nothing like Drai’s! Find out why it is one of the hottest venues for live events, parties and get- togethers in Las Vegas today.

    Why Drai’s Beach Club?
    Your rooftop oasis. Yes, Nevada is partly desert. Drai’s is like an oasis ready to serve the weary soul. Aside from mystical pools, cabanas, palm trees and amazing tropical ambiance, this beautiful oasis is where the fun never ends. Just think, this amazing venue is located on top of a five star hotel!

    Over-the-top live performances. There are so many EDM artists that have performed at Drai’s and there are a lot of world class performers that are still scheduled in the next weeks and months! Don’t miss these amazing performances all in the comfort of a tropical cabana! Say goodbye to sweaty concert venues, crowded dance halls and long queues that will drive you crazy! You will be able to enjoy great music with a tropical drink in hand and of course a lovely model by your side!

    World class facilities. Drai’s is your venue for your next party! Get ready for numerous mezzanine cabanas built with restrooms and showers, your private use of mezzanine grand cabanas also with restrooms and showers, 3 glorious pools, luxurious bungalows, numerous comfortable daybeds and booths. And of course what is a party without full service bars, a gourmet kitchen and 7 DJ booth tables? Definitely Drai’s is the ultimate party place for any kind of event, any day of the year!



  • An Enchanting Event Awaits You at Liquid Lounge & Pool
    At the center of the vibrant Las Vegas party scene is an upscale pool club that has the best events that you can possibly imagine! Think of the most popular performers, the most talked-about celebrities and the best event venues in the entire Strip when you join the party scene at the Liquid Lounge & Pool. Located at The Shops at Crystals, Las Vegas Boulevard, Liquid has been the most prominent venues for high profile pool events. This could be the venue for your next party event or your corporate event too. Check out the scene and the things that make Liquid better than any beach club bar on the Strip.

    What’s great about Liquid Lounge & Pool?
    Rich tropical contemporary ambiance. Liquid is your venue for the most stylish and high profile event, set in a tropical scene. Experience the best that Las Vegas beach clubs have to offer, such as a distinctive contemporary experience, poolside facilities that are second to none, and lively music that is enough to make you stay, forever! You will love the scene set in a tropical beach while still giving guest privacy c/o luxury cabanas, couches, and towering palm trees and tropical plants. The two uniquely-shaped pools are the highlight of Liquid as most events are centered in the area. So you can count on swimming and people –watching in the pool as you watch and enjoy top class events.

    Poolside facilities for VIP guests.
    You are a very important guest at Liquid and therefore you deserve nothing but the best. Once you enter Liquid, you have a choice of 8 grand cabanas and these are not just your ordinary beach cabana, but each is loaded with a 40” flat screen television and a small fridge where you can keep your drinks and food chilled. This is perfect for a group event or a private time with a special friend. There are chaise lounges lined along the pool edges and take note, these are not just ordinary chairs, but they


  • The Marquee Dayclub – The Lowdown on the Hottest Day Clubs in Las Vegas
    The sun rises in Sin City,but the party is just starting at the Marquee Dayclub. This trendy party venue is located at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Blvd where top notch entertainment can be found. Marquee is the place where you want to enjoy the best musical performances, live acts, the most electrifying DJ mixes and where you can spot the most gorgeous people on the Strip. When it comes to a lavish venue for private events, you can count in the Marque Dayclub to be your party place to impress. Here are the best reasons why you should be at the Marquee.

    What’s great about the Marquee Dayclub?
    One of the largest day clubs in Las Vegas. If you are wondering where world class and far-out venues are held in Las Vegas then this is your answer! The Marquee Dayclub spans 22,000 square-feet of glorious event space and it even has multiple levels too! The levels are called the Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub entertainment complex. And of course there are two pools that highlight the venue. You will be swimming and lounging as you watch and listen to your favorite performers on stage.
    The wildest bars by day and night. The Marquee has several bars along the venue complex each boasting of one-of-a-kind drinks and signature cocktails. There is definitely nothing like the party set on a tropical-island ambiance where the liquor is non-stop! If you are looking for a knockout party by day then this is it!
    Gaming area accessible. Got the lucky itch after an event or a musical performance? Then you should head to the Marquee casino gaming area where you can bet and win till the day ends. There is nothing like the casino after a long day partying and at Marquee you can stay as long as you want!
    Fantastic entertainment all year long. Marquee prides itself in exclusive events and performances from only the top entertainers around the world. You will find the most electrifying EDM performances, th


  • Be a Part of Rehab Pool Party Guest List
    Get your much awaited rehab from the usual parties and events and join the Rehab party tonight! Rehab is at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and is one of the longest running poolside parties in the Strip. This is where all the stars hangout to get their much-awaited rehab with great music, popular DJs and of course a terrific party experience that you have yet to experience in your life! You must be on the guest list to enter Rehab but even if this is an exclusive list, we will tell you how you can get on the list and experience the finest pool party together with celebrities and personalities.

    What’s great about Rehab?
    The original pool party. Rehab is the original pool party venue where stars come out to play, party and listen to great performances. Before all other beach clubs and pool side venues were even constructed in Sin City, Rehab has been catering to the needs of clients; from private parties to corporate events. And since you are partying with the original party capital, you will definitely get a lot of perks and the same top of the line service from Rehab staff.

    All the stars in one Las Vegas sky.
    The reason why stars come to shine at Rehab is because of all the great amenities, amazing performances and because of the best food and drinks. Popular celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Tommy Lee, Nelly, Snoop Dog and a whole lot more have been in Rehab and they have certainly enjoyed their stay!

    The best amenities and facilities.
    Once you enter Rehab, you will be taken allowed to take a dip at their wonderful pool. There are two pools: the Nirvana Pool where almost all the exciting activities happen and the Breathe Pool where you can find bathing beauties and relaxing guests on cozy cabanas. The Paradise Beach is the most popular and guests love to flaunt all they got here! There are cabanas, lounge chairs, chaise lounges and couches everywhere. There is plenty of room for everyone


  • Let’s Meet at the TAO Beach Club
    TAO Beach Club has been enchanting guest since it opened in 2005. Located at the iconic Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, this hot spot has been one of the most favorite places to watch top notch events, listen to the most popular EDM mixes, and dance to the rhythm of multi-awarded DJs. If you have never been to TAO Beach then you are missing out on the coolest tropical island setting fun in Las Vegas. And TAO is not just a beach party venue for popular events; it could also be your venue for your own private event too. Here‘s what you can expect when you book your own party at TAO Beach.

    What’s great about the TAO Beach Club?
    The Asian charm in Las Vegas. TAO is 60,000 square feet of glorious Asian charm; every single area of the beach venue is inspired with Asian art and designs. You will absolutely love to party with some of the most popular people in the business with TAO’s multi-faceted and multi-story facility. The beach is equipped with a restaurant, banquet areas, lounges, nightclubs, and a swimming area. TAO is open every day during pool season and therefore it is the perfect daytime party venue.
    The best beach menu. When you party and dine at TAO Beach, expect nothing but the best menu selections. If you love Asian cuisine then TAO is your destination with culinary masterpieces from Japan, China, and Thailand. This means food is healthy, fresh, and very tasty! You will also love their new lounge with a new selection of signature cocktail drinks. These drinks are perfect together with a wonderful Asian menu.

    A-list celebrities hot spot.
    TAO Beach is the place where popular celebrities and popular folks hang out. TAO is the place where you can really people – watch since there are so many beautiful faces, popular people, and wonderful couples that you will love to admire. And of course just think about this; A –list people come to TAO simply because it is the best and you should too!


  • Everyone’s Wet at the Wet Republic MGM Grand
    The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is the place to be for top notch entertainment, sporting events and don’t forget, enchanting parties. But partying till late at night has become a thing of the past. Now people prefer something new, fresh, and totally amazing and that is none other than dayclubs in Las Vegas. Wet Republic is one of the most popular dayclub in the district and this is not just because it is nestled in Las Vegas, but it has all the these great reasons why.

    What’s great about the Wet Republic?
    Enjoy more than 6,000 square feet of pool areas. The Wet Republic is huge; it has 6 VIP private dipping pools and an Ultra Pool. And do you know that Wet Republic is the only venue with all salt water pools? Salt water naturally treats water and also has therapeutic properties so swimming at the Wet Republic is not just your average pool experience.

    Luxury amenities throughout the venue.
    No other open air party venue has the most luxurious amenities than Wet Repbulic! Such as an open air lounge, luxurious cabanas, bungalows, couches, love seats, and seating areas. There are bars located near the pool side so you can enjoy signature cocktails any time during your stay. The DJ booth at the Wet Republic is strategically located near the lounge areas near the poolside to be able to entertain guests with good music while they party. Dining areas are also very accessible from the poolside so you can order food right away.

    One of the biggest LED walls.
    A 1,200 square feet LED wall is located overhead the DJ booth. This massive colorful screen is where you can watch the performances even when you are lounging around in your private cabana. This huge screen even helps spot people located inside the venue area.
    The best menu choices. Visit the Wet Republic and sample its sumptuous menu created by top chefs in Las Vegas. You may create your own menu options when you book the Wet Republic for your next par