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Everyone’s Wet at the Wet Republic MGM Grand
The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is the place to be for top notch entertainment, sporting events and don’t forget, enchanting parties. But partying till late at night has become a thing of the past. Now people prefer something new, fresh, and totally amazing and that is none other than dayclubs in Las Vegas. Wet Republic is one of the most popular dayclub in the district and this is not just because it is nestled in Las Vegas, but it has all the these great reasons why.

What’s great about the Wet Republic?
Enjoy more than 6,000 square feet of pool areas. The Wet Republic is huge; it has 6 VIP private dipping pools and an Ultra Pool. And do you know that Wet Republic is the only venue with all salt water pools? Salt water naturally treats water and also has therapeutic properties so swimming at the Wet Republic is not just your average pool experience.

Luxury amenities throughout the venue.
No other open air party venue has the most luxurious amenities than Wet Repbulic! Such as an open air lounge, luxurious cabanas, bungalows, couches, love seats, and seating areas. There are bars located near the pool side so you can enjoy signature cocktails any time during your stay. The DJ booth at the Wet Republic is strategically located near the lounge areas near the poolside to be able to entertain guests with good music while they party. Dining areas are also very accessible from the poolside so you can order food right away.

One of the biggest LED walls.
A 1,200 square feet LED wall is located overhead the DJ booth. This massive colorful screen is where you can watch the performances even when you are lounging around in your private cabana. This huge screen even helps spot people located inside the venue area.
The best menu choices. Visit the Wet Republic and sample its sumptuous menu created by top chefs in Las Vegas. You may create your own menu options when you book the Wet Republic for your next party event. It is also high time to check out their delectable signature cocktail drinks too.

Only the best performers.
Wet Republic has all the most popular entertainers and performers; you will never have to go far for world class entertainment in Las Vegas since all the stars shine their best under the Las Vegas skies. Be sure to book popular events so you get the chance to party with Hollywood celebrities, A – list performers, the most gorgeous models, and talented DJs on the strip. Events change weekly so be sure to subscribe to Wet Republic guest list beforehand.

Easy access to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. After the dayclub party event, you may or may not want to retire yet. The MGM hotel has the finest accommodations for a single guest or for a group of people and if you are still up late, why not hit the tables at the MGM Grand casino too?

Daytime partying at its finest.
Now you can forget about late night parties and events that will just get you into trouble. With dayclub events you will be able to enjoy parties and events safely and arrive home safely too. And of course, there is nothing like partying under Las Vegas skies! Forget crowded dance halls, over the top concert venues and all the other traditional party scenes have to offer. Wet Republic has got you covered with the best entertainment, comfortable amenities, and the most impressive crowds. Where else would you rather be?

What is the dress code at the Wet Republic?
Wet Republic is a private and exclusive party venue and therefore only people wearing appropriate swim wear are allowed to enter. Women should wear their best swimsuits while men should be using swim trunks. If you are having a private event, you can contact Wet Republic regarding the recommended dress code for guests so that all your guests will be accommodated easily in the venue. The management of Wet Republic has a right to permit or disallow entry of a guest that is not dressed properly and therefore you should always be at your best.

How to be on the guest list of the Wet Republic?
In order to gain entrance into Wet Repbulic, you must either purchase a ticket or be on the guest list. We recommend being on our guest list, because this way it is free! That’s right, if you let us help you arrange your day, we will get you in for free! We believe that having a great time is for every one! So see you at the Wet Republic where everyone is soaking wet!