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Let’s Meet at the TAO Beach Club
TAO Beach Club has been enchanting guest since it opened in 2005. Located at the iconic Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, this hot spot has been one of the most favorite places to watch top notch events, listen to the most popular EDM mixes, and dance to the rhythm of multi-awarded DJs. If you have never been to TAO Beach then you are missing out on the coolest tropical island setting fun in Las Vegas. And TAO is not just a beach party venue for popular events; it could also be your venue for your own private event too. Here‘s what you can expect when you book your own party at TAO Beach.

What’s great about the TAO Beach Club?
The Asian charm in Las Vegas. TAO is 60,000 square feet of glorious Asian charm; every single area of the beach venue is inspired with Asian art and designs. You will absolutely love to party with some of the most popular people in the business with TAO’s multi-faceted and multi-story facility. The beach is equipped with a restaurant, banquet areas, lounges, nightclubs, and a swimming area. TAO is open every day during pool season and therefore it is the perfect daytime party venue.
The best beach menu. When you party and dine at TAO Beach, expect nothing but the best menu selections. If you love Asian cuisine then TAO is your destination with culinary masterpieces from Japan, China, and Thailand. This means food is healthy, fresh, and very tasty! You will also love their new lounge with a new selection of signature cocktail drinks. These drinks are perfect together with a wonderful Asian menu.

A-list celebrities hot spot.
TAO Beach is the place where popular celebrities and popular folks hang out. TAO is the place where you can really people – watch since there are so many beautiful faces, popular people, and wonderful couples that you will love to admire. And of course just think about this; A –list people come to TAO simply because it is the best and you should too!
Poolside facilities galore. You will love to be at TAO with all the great facilities that will make your day so much fun! Aside from the enchanting pool which is the highlight of TAO Beach, there are cabanas, poolside umbrellas, dining areas, couches, lounge chaises and so many more. The bar is just a few steps away and the dining area is nearby as well.
The most vibrant venue for your private party. TAO accepts party reservations too. If you came to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party or a 21st Birthday Party then you absolutely have to have this at TAO. You can party the night away in your very own party area where all the facilities for the event are present. There are party packages too, so you won’t have to pay so much for all the amenities at TAO.

Access to hotel facilities.
TAO is found at the Venetian in Las Vegas so if you would like to rest after your sunup to sundown party then you could grab a room at the Venetian. And if the party ends to early for you, you and your friends may also check out the Venetian casino. All the top tables for all casino games are present at the Venetian so be sure to bring a lot of luck along!
Only beach event that is wheelchair accessible. Even people that are physically abled may gain access to the poolside cabanas. Wheelchair entry ways and all other facilities for disabled guests are built in. TAO Beach wants everyone to experience the best poolside party events in Las Vegas.

Is there a dress code to enter the TAO Beach Club?
Every guest at the TAO Beach Club is required to wear proper swimming attire. This means girls should be wearing proper swim suits while men should wear swimming trunks. Athletic wear, jeans, shirts and other form of clothing are not permitted. The management also has the right to restrict entry to people that are not wearing the required dress code.

How to get on the guest list of TAO Beach Club?
In order to gain entrance into TAO Beach Club, you must either purchase a ticket or be on a guest list. We recommend being on our guest list, because this way it is free! That’s right, if you let us help you arrange your day, we will get you in for free! We know you want to be at TAO Beach no matter if you are partying alone or you are with your crew. You can buy tickets or make a reservation (for free) with us!