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Welcome to TAO NightClub

TAO NightClub is The Venetian’s answer to the amazing and exciting NightClub spots in the Las Vegas Strip. TAO maybe new (it just opened in 2005) but it has its share of impressive performances, top artists and over –the-top events that you can never find anywhere in Las Vegas. TAO is also popular not just because of the stars that have graced its halls but because of its one-of-a-kind Asian ambiance and its multi-story venue. This NightClub is open from Thursdays to Saturdays so mark these dates on your schedule and get your party at TAO NightClub.

What’s great about TAO NightClub?

The Asian ambiance from every angle. TAO is divided into three sections: the Main Room, the Opium Room and the Restaurant. Every room has intricate details from the wall décor to the lighting and from the different seating sections to the actual main area where events are held. There is perfect lighting everywhere and if you are at TAO with your very own private party then you could gave it at the numerous VIP seating areas and sections at the mezzanine floor.

Amazing culinary delights from Asian countries. TAO Restaurant is cleverly added to the NightClub venue and is graced by a huge Buddha statue. And aside from the cozy Asian ambiance, the restaurant is famous for its extensive menu that incorporates different culinary delights from China, Japan and Thailand. And after you are done with dinner and dessert, this is the best time to find out why TAO’s bars are the pride of all with their excellent signature cocktail drinks. Remember that there are bars strategically located inside the venue to serve drinks all night long!

Great for people watching and stars – sighting. Only A- list celebrities come to TAO and this is because of the party atmosphere, the best venue to eat great food and the most amazing place to see perfect people! It is also the place where corporate events are held along with culinary exhibitions and events.

The most impressive facilities and staff. Definitely there is no other venue like TAO. It is where you can find the best facilities too from dining to clubbing. From great lighting to excellent audio and video equipment, you will book TAO for your future private events! And of course, don’t forget TAO’s friendly and accommodating staff that will make your short stay memorable!

The Venetian Hotel and Casino. Now that you are at TAO, don’t forget to book a room for you and your crew at none other than The Venetian Hotel. This hotel is where all the great people are at and it is because of its luxurious suites and Venetian-themed resort feel. And if you are feeling lucky, you can try out the best casino tables in the Strip. The Venetian has the best tables when it comes to card games, slot machines and other table games. See if Lady Luck is indeed at your side after a great venue when you play at The Venetian casino.

Is there a strict dress code when you enter TAO?

TAO NightClub is a premier, ultra- chic party and events venue in Las Vegas and because of this, this establishment has a strict dress code. Any one that wants to enter the venue while not observing proper dress codes will not be permitted to enter. Only fashionable upscale attire is required and this dress code is strictly enforced. In every TAO NightClub event, guests are not allowed to wear hats, sandals, sneakers, hard soled shoes and boots, ripped or baggy clothing and athletic wear. Men should wear collared shirts and dress shoes. Guests should be 21+ with a valid form of ID so take an identification card with you just in case.  Guests are not allowed to bring outside food and beverage, gum, oversized bags or prescription medicine. Every person that would like to enter is subjected to a search.

How to be on TAO NightClub guest list?

Just like any other NightClub venues in Las Vegas, TAO has a strict guest list. If you would like to be on the list then you should check out our services when it comes to booking customers that find it hard to get in. We can help you get inside TAO by rearranging this guest list for free. Yes you have heard that right! We have exclusive access to guest lists of all the different nightclubs on the Strip and beyond! You can bring your friends in or you can come as you are and enjoy the great venue and overpowering performances. We believe that party and a great crowd should always be free so what are you waiting for? Let’s get you on TAO NightClub exclusive list and be where party people in Las Vegas are!