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Surrender Night Club at Wynn Las Vegas

Discover what it feels like to party in one of the hippest places in the Strip: the Surrender Night Club at Wynn Las Vegas. This is your chance to be with the in crowd as they party in the most luxurious night clubs in the city. there is so much to see at Surrender and there are so many great people and celebrities too. and aside from great musical performances and elaborate EDM DJs Surrender has been one of the most popular venues that are used for private events too. Every room and every section here at Surrender has its signature color scheme and theme: a huge 90-foot snake that winds all around the back bar portion. The snake is the symbol of luck, creative life force and energy and this is certainly what Surrender is all about!

What’s great about Surrender Night Club?

The cool retro feel. There is something very homey yet very vibrant with those sunny yellow seats that Surrender is all about! There is definitely a lot of cool retro furniture and accents all around. From the coffee tables, the padded panels on the bar, the side tables, lamps, cushions and even the patio furniture. If you love the sights of a retro bar then Surrender may be the place that you are looking for!

The smooth party ambiance. Definitely this is a party venue where you are not crowded or end up looking more tired than ever before. the atmosphere here is relaxed and very accommodating. Take it from the yellow retro sofas and seats that line the main room as well as the comfortable love seats and sofas along the mezzanine floor. You will also love the tropical design near the poolside and of course the warm and accommodating attitude of Surrender’s staff.

Transparent pools!Where else can you find transparent pools? These pools are great private party mini venues that are located in the lower floor area cabanas. Have a great time dipping with your friends or with a special someone and after that, relax in a cabana where there is poolside furniture that you can sit or laze on.

Wonderful amenities and staff.

Definitely there are high class night club amenities no matter where you are at Surrender. There are full service bars in strategic locations in the venue that serve the best drinks, there are comfortable furniture and patio furniture, there is club lighting all around and ample lighting along the pool side where you and your party could have your own private event. The staff here is perfect. Surrender staff understand their customers well and are trained for high quality service! From the front desk to the kitchen staff, this is where the best place to be when it comes to great service in Las Vegas.

Great food and signature drinks.

Wine and dine at Surrender where menu options range from Asian twists to other delectable international dishes. Try their signature cocktail drinks too only from their cool bars located in different areas of the venue.

The best performers and artists.

Even if Surrender is open only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, you can bet that this venue is where all the coolest performers are found. Surrender also has resident DJs such as Lil Jon, Dillon Francis and Jermaine Dupri. There is definitely no dull moment when you visit Surrender.

Access to the Wynn hotel and casino.

Surrender is located at the Wynn Las Vegas where there is amazing accommodations all the time. Wynn is also Las Vegas’ iconic casino place. So if you feel Lady Luck is at your side as you party at Surrender, why not head to the casino to give it a try? Book a room today at the Wynn Las Vegas and get instant access to the hottest night club on the Strip.

Is there a dress code at Surrender Night Club?

Surrender is a stylish night club in Las Vegas, it implements an upscale fashionable dress codes. Guests should not wear hats, sandals, sneakers, hard soled shoes and boots, ripped or baggy clothing and athletic wear. Men should wear collared shirts. The club also implements a strict 21+ entry so be sure to have identification when you visit just in case.

How do you get in the exclusive guest list at Surrender Night Club?

Surrender Night Club has a tight exclusive guest list and the only way to get in is to purchase tickets and to be on the guest list. We would be happy to arrange the guest list for you for free! Yes, this is a free service! We will arrange the guest list and get you in the most exclusive clubs in Las Vegas for free! Everybody wants to get in at Surrender so hurry and be part of this exclusive guest list tonight!