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Marquee Nightclub

Marquee Nightclub

The Marquee Night Club

The Marquee Night Club is located in the heart of Las Vegas where all the great events and performances are held. There are a lot of great things to see and experience in this luxury night club than you can ever imagine! It has superb night club ambiance with luxury amenities from top to bottom and of course this is where top notch performers come to party! The Marquee Night Club is open 7 days a week so be ready for some intense entertainment every day of every week.

What’s great about the Marquee Night Club?

The most luxurious interiors. When designers created the Marquee, they had only one vision in mind and that is to create a luxurious and modern venue where guests can party all night long. The Marquee is exactly what they envisioned; luxurious interiors, rich furniture pieces, modern lighting and club facilities and a lot of heavy pieces that make the entire venue look comfortable yet retains its stylish flair.

Huge area to dance, entertain and to party! The Marquee is actually made of 5 areas where guests can sit or party all night long. Presenting the Marquee’s guest areas: the Main Dance Floor with its stylish and luxurious blue and red hues, private seating, opulent ceiling décor and a DJ area that has the most high tech audio and video equipment. The Main Dance Floor is where all the main events happen and this is where you should be at too!

The Boombox is a private area that is smaller than the Main Dance area. This wonderful area is flooded with rich red tapestries, red wall décor and has its own bar where guests can get a sample of Marquee’s signature cocktail drinks. The Library on the other hand is nothing like you would expect in a night club. The place is adorned in rich classic furniture with shelves loaded with books and a pool table rests in a corner of the room. A full-service bar is located inside the Library along with a working fireplace where guests can all cuddle up and have a quiet time after a rocking event. The Marquee also has an outdoor bar where guests can enjoy access to the pool, the poolside furniture and all the cocktail drinks from a full service bar.  Parties may be held here too and you will definitely love to party under the stars of the Las Vegas sky at this luxurious outdoor venue.

Great dining and drinks. Every area of the Marquee has its own bar and of course this is your chance to sample their signature cocktail drinks too. If you are looking for the most sumptuous meals, then you may also take a break at the restaurants located along the different areas of the Marquee. There are excellent menu entrees that you should try out and of course you should never forget dessert created by only the finest chefs that the Strip is famous for.

The best performers all year round! Definitely the Marquee is where you will find all the fantastic performers. From world class performers, top notch actors to amazing DJs that are famous for their great mixes, you will have the best night of your life and more when you join the fun and exciting crowd at the Marquee. Do you want to know who’s performing at the Marquee Night Club tonight? Check the list of events that’s on our event page http://www.badassvip.com/all-events/

Simply visit their official site at http://marqueelasvegas.com for more details.

Is there a dress code when you enter the Marquee?

There is a strict dress code for men and women that would like to become guests at the Marquee Night Club. Guests are advised to wear upscale – casual clothing. Gentlemen are advised to come in button down collared shirts and dress shoes. Men are not allowed to wear baseball hats, tennis shoes or open-toed shoes. Women should not wear ripped clothing, athletic wear or any kind of sports clothing. The night club has an exclusive 21+ age restriction. You must always carry identification just in case you are asked for one.

How to get in the Marquee Night Club?

There is strict entry to the Marquee Night Club and guests should be in a guest list to be able to come in. But if you wish to enter the Marquee then you should be at this exclusive list. We know how tight it could be to be at this list so we are offering our services to help rearrange this list for you for free! Definitely you hit the jackpot this time! Yes, we will be happy to help fellow clubbers to enter the most stylish night clubs in Las Vegas with the use of our unique service. Whether you are alone or you have all your friends with you, you will have nothing but the best time at the Marquee!