a Spearmint Rhino 2 drink deal for promoters -

Spearmint Rhino 2 drink deal for promoters

Spearmint Rhino 2 drink deal for promoters

Starting May 15th 2018 our 2 drink deal becomes available for all promoters.

Few things that the promoter must know:

1. All reservations must be made on the promoter personal link that was sent via text to the promoter. We are eliminating the dispatch from the process, the client makes the reservation and the group is added to the queue for the Rhino house drivers.
Your personal link has your sp number at the end. As an example SP292 has the following link  www.badassvip.com/spearmint-rhino/292

2. The reservations must be made 1 hour in advance because of house drivers.
House transportation has a different approach than limo owners. The reservation is added to the list and the drivers are assigned to the pickup in advance. The club needs an 1 hour heads up to manage all pickups.

3. Price and Payouts.
The client has to pay $40 at the front door and they will receive 2 drink tickets. Commission is set to $35 per male and $25 per female. Your Sp number helps us track who gets paid for the group.
Rhino doesn’t do same day payouts and we have to pay once a week on¬†Thursday via C2GO.
1099 will be mailed to you at the end of the year.

4. Rhino will not send a driver for a group that has females only. The ratio must be 1:1 or less females than males.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us 702-500-0084